If you or a loved one is experiencing a mental health condition like major depression,

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Centrally located near the South Texas Medical Center, CenterCare Health and Wellness allows clients an opportunity to bypass the long wait times typically associated with psychiatric services, and see a provider within a few days of scheduling an appointment.    CenterCare Health and Wellness is located in the Ashford Oaks Office Building at 8122 Datapoint Drive, Ste. 1003 near the South Texas Medical Center. Appointments may be scheduled by phone or email.

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Offering convenient, affordable, and accessible therapeutic services for:

•Major depression/anxiety disorders 

•Bi-polar disorder

•Other mood disorders

•Post-traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

•Anger issues

•Life transitions

•Relationship problems

•Panic disorders

•Family issues


•Women’s issues

•Domestic conflict 


•Grief and loss

•Interpersonal conflicts

•Stress management/ coping with stress

•Sexual Abuse Trauma

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Crisis & Substance
Use Helpline

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call (210) 261-1500. To submit referrals, email: centercare@chcsbc.org, or fax referral to 210-261-1837.

In the event of a mental health crisis including suicidal or homicidal thoughts, please call the 24-Hour Crisis & Substance Use Helpline or walk into the Crisis Care Center at The Restoration Center (601 N. Frio, 78207). Please call 911 if harm to self or harm to others is imminent.

24-Hour Crisis & Substance Use Helpline: 800-316-9241 or 210-223-SAFE (7233)

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