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Let’s face it – life is hard. We’ve all been knocked down by the challenges life throws at us. At CenterCare Health and Wellness, we specialize in offering support that gets you back up and running so you can move forward in life.

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CenterCare Health and Wellness prides itself on offering easily accessible and affordable, first-rate, behavioral health care in a comfortable and convenient location. Additionally, CenterCare clients will have an opportunity to bypass the long wait times typically associated with psychiatric services, and see a provider within a few days of scheduling an appointment. 

CenterCare Health and Wellness can treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia and more. 

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Mental Illness Is Not Your Fault.

There is no single cause; instead, it can be caused by a mixture of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. People who have a family history of mental health disorders may be more prone to developing one at some point. 

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