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Restore Life. Restore Balance.

Are you looking to enhance your wellbeing and resiliency to bounce back from adversity, trauma and the stressors of life? At CenterCare Health and Wellness, our team of highly skilled mental health and medical professionals understand that mental and emotional wellbeing are essential to one’s overall health and wellness.

Established in 2018, CenterCare Health and Wellness brings a new therapeutic treatment option to adults in the San Antonio community through a variety of convenient, affordable and accessible healthcare services including counseling, medication management and psychiatric evaluation – all under one roof! Centrally located near the South Texas Medical Center in the Ashford Oaks Office Building, CenterCare Health and Wellness allows clients an opportunity to bypass the long wait times typically associated with psychiatric services, and see a provider within a few days of scheduling an appointment.

Our Mission & Values

The road to wellness is built on a partnership with the people we serve. Our team of licensed professionals including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and therapists partner with our clients on an individual, couples,  and/or family basis to help them resolve conflict with others, understand feelings of anxiety and depression, and try new solutions to old problems.

CenterCare Health and Wellness can provide assistance with the following conditions:

Major Depression

Anxiety Disorders

Bi-Polar Disorder

Other Mood Disorders


Anger issues

Life Transitions

Relationship Problems

Panic disorders

Family Issues


Women’s Issues

Panic Disorders


Stress Management


Domestic Conflicts


Grief & Loss

Interpersonal Conflict

Stress Management

Sexual Abuse

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Whatever you or a loved one may be struggling with, hope and healing can be found by taking that first step toward wellness. Counseling provides the extra support needed to make meaningful life changes, and can help you determine your path toward wellness.



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